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[Yuffie sits up in the street and rubs the back of his head.]

Dude, I'm getting seriously curious. What the heck is this place's dealio with my friggin' birthday? Does it just like zapping me up a year or what?

[He drags a hand along a wall, then sighs, deliberately accessing the second level.]

Calling anybody who knows Yuffie Kisaragi. Luke, Braig, Tifa, Kafuka? Y'all around? Do we still have more than one Vincent in the house?


Okay, so in all this singing, has anybody thought to sing at Vince and Vincent?

C'mon, everybody knows this song!

♫ Happy birthday to you... [And he sings the rest of the song, culminating in, of course, "You look like a Coeurl / And you smell like one too!" Some things, you never outgrow.]

Just like that!

Private; Hackable. On the Subject of Birthdays.Collapse )


Filtered to Lucrecia;Collapse )

So. Bluegrass. Toe-tappin', twangy, howly, "somebody needs to shoot that alley-cat out back STAT!" kind of noise.

Next time I hear any of it, just a friendly warning, I will take this Four Point [gestures with the giant shuriken] and shove it in the ear of the closest person to me.


So, last thing I remember, everybody was related to everybody else and certain pretty scientist ladies were all angsty and sad. That over yet, or am I going to have to knock some sense into people?

[Yuffie looks down at himself, then pointedly up at anybody accessing the second level.] Now, the really important question. Anybody want to tell me why I'm soaking wet, covered in bruises, and wearing my old motorcycle gear?

[ 007 ]

[He's accessing the level, looking around for something interesting to do or someone interesting to talk to, while muttering under his breath.] Caution. Right. [Whiny (if still quiet) tone, which should be very familiar to anybody who ever knew an incarnation of Yuffie.] I'm too young to die!

[He drops the level, then reaccesses from his roof. High places are Yuffie's friends. He's standing on the very edge, balanced somewhat precariously. Cups his hands over his mouth and shouts, being deliberately annoying:] Okay, so who out there thinks they're from Template?

[ooc; Links not present IC.]

[ 006 ]

[Yuffie is broadcasting deliberately.]


If this music crap doesn't stop soon, I'm going to go beat up Big, Red, and Obnoxiously Indestructible kick the crap out of anybody wearing the wrong colors. Hint: the bad colors are anything smart people associate with emo gothsobbers, like red or black. Or red and black. I promise you, the paaaaaaaaaaain in your sooooooooooul will still be there even if you wear bright colors.

[Now we're into the more private, quiet broadcasting. The Second Level equivalent of a mutter.] Seriously, girly windchimes everytime I do something? And weird airforce anthems?

[Those he argues with will wind up hearing this.]

[ooc; songs are a creepy creepy remix of Vincent's theme, "Descendant of the Shinobi," his OU theme, a moving and military remix of Cid's theme, and, of course, the Advent Children piano version of Everyone Fight.]

[ 005 ]

[Have a random access of the second-level in a gym somewhere. Yuffie is currently upside-down on a balance-beam, one leg bent so that his foot is touching the inside of the other knee. He makes a quiet sound as he transfers all his weight to his right arm and holds his left out to the side. His right arm trembles, as if it's still weak, but holds his weight.]

[He puts his left hand back on the balance beam, tests his weight. Stays. Aaaaaand dismount with a somersault (no, don't ask why). He sticks the landing and flings his arms up, pumping his fists in the air.]

bigtext is big (not cut IC)Collapse )

[Apparently, he wasn't sure the arm would support his weight enough to perform most of his gymnastic stunts. Or maybe he wasn't sure he could divide his concentration between the levels while maintaining his balance. With Yuffie, could be either, could be both, could be something completely different.]

[ 004 ]

[He's sitting on the roof of his house, thinking, when he slips into the second level on accident.]

I can make maybe six more senkou hanabi or two bigger firworks. If I got some shredded papper, I could do confetti crackers.

...Heck, if I could get all this in bulk, I could totally start a business.

[He makes a face at the thought of having to do all the boring stuff of a business. Like accounting. And getting a loan for a building. And probably loads of other stuff.]

[ 002 ]

So it wasn't a hangover headache and hallucination.

Funny, I was kind of hoping I'd wake up and the past six months wouldn't have happened I'd be home. You know. Where Template is under massive reconstruction and the Mako reactors have been blown all to hell.

Well, considering the things I've been known to do when I'm bored... I'd better stay busy. Anybody need a stealth/recon/security expert? Failing that, anybody need a thief? I specialize in picking pockets, cat burglary, mugging, and stealing from monsters. And, failing all that, anybody out there like fireworks?

[Filtered to Tifa]Collapse )

Wait wait wait what?! She's here?!

[OOC; okay, this is now a place holder. I'm heading out in about five, will reply when I get back.] [OOC; The Yuffie is IN!]